1. NEW 2015 Yamaha Adventurer One Electric Utility Vehicle

    Our Price:  $6,389.00

    Hard work beware. Inside the Adventurer One beats the adrenaline-charged heart of The DRIVE®, the Yamaha vehicle designed not only to be the most comfortable, dependable golf car ever built, but also the least expensive to maintain. Similarities aside, the Adventurer One was built for work. And despite its rugged good looks, the Adventurer is ready to handle your most daunting tasks without even breaking a sweat. So whether you’re getting ready to tend the back nine, dragging the infield, maintaining the campus, moving supplies to the marina or fly fishing in the great outdoors, take comfort in knowing the Adventurer One will work as hard as you do. 

    View specs: http://www.yamahagolfcar.com/vehicles/specs/12/1040/67/electric.aspx

    This unit SPECIAL ORDER at both locations.