1. Holdover 2015 Yamaha DRIVE Gas Golf Car
    [YDRA GAS]

    Our Price:  $5,499.00

    Available Options:

    The DRIVE features and benefits:

    Yamaha Built 357F Gasoline Engine with  Carburetor

    Filterless Oil System

    HybriCore Chassis

    Automotive Style Dash

    EnduraDrive™ Transaxle with Internal Disc Brake Technology

    Largest Most Comfortable Seat in the Industry

    ClimaGuard Top™ with Dual Gutters

    Low Cost of Ownership

    Tru-Trak II™ Fully Independent Front Suspension

    Best Front & Rear Bumpers in the Industry

    Sentry Wraparound Protection System™

    Responsible Turning Radius

    Built-In Transaxle Protection

    Maintenance-Free Rack-and-Pinion Steering

    One-Piece Fender Well with Integrated Splash Guards

    Removable Floorboard Access Panel

    Virtually Greaseless Chassis

    Best Occupant Space

    Largest Sweater Basket In The Industry

    Largest Bag Well / Bag Holder

    Built-In Transaxle Impact Protection

    Easy-To-Clean, Durable One-Piece Floor Mat

    Premium Tread Tires

    Easy-To-Clean Cup Holders

    Large Comfortable Armrest

    Largest Rear Access Panel

    Easy-Grip Steering Wheel

    Most Reliable Warranty In The Industry

    Available Colors:

    Standard Color: Glacier White

    Premium Colors: Emerald, Garnet, Tanzanite

    Premium Metallic Colors: Sandstone, Moonstone, Onyx

    Units IN STOCK at both locations



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