Yamaha EF4000DE/D Premium Generator


Also available: EF4000DE (Electric Start) $1,949.00                      

Go ahead and power up both 120-and 240-volt equipment with this compact and powerful unit-anything from air conditioners to power drills. A rugged 251cc Yamaha engine has no trouble spinning out 4000 watts of power from the EF4000DE's maintenance-free brushless alternator and this one's got all the perks, too-including electric starting.* Transistor Controlled Ignition helps this unit fire right up and run super smooth. Noise Suppressor reduces interference with TVs and radios. Our Oil Watch Warning System prevents engine damage, and Economy Idle reduces fuel consumption and noise. That oughta do it. The EF4000DE's perfect for RVs and home back-up.

Battery not included.

View specs: http://www.yamahamotorsports.com/powerproducts/products/modelspecs/447/0/specs.aspx

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