Garia Golf Cars

Ultimate Cabin

The Garia has the largest cabin in its class, providing ample leg and headroom for its occupants. The large cabin also provides easy entry and exit from the vehicle. The model pictured here is fitted with a cream colored body, refrigerator, oak sports seats, scorecard clip, and 12" chrome rims.

The power you need.

Ice Bucket

Beautiful dashboard

Air Scoop

Quality Finishes

Built to last, our vehicles are made of only the highest quality materials. Standard features include aluminum rims, glass windshields, and hand-stitched seats.

Many wheel finish options

Elegant controls

Thoughtful storage

Our vehicles provide lockable storage space for your belongings, so your personal items can remain safe and secure.

Storage and convenience.

Space for everything.


Refrigerator. Upgrade your Garia with a built in refrigerator into the dashboard to keep refreshments at 41ºF.

Plus Package. The Plus Package includes windshield wiper / washer system, heated windshield and interior light.

Premium Package. Includes all non- and metallic paint colors, sport seat and refrigerator.

Rear Splash Guard. Protect your vehicle from debris while driving.

Golf Bag Attachment. This golf bag attachment is mounted at a 45 degree angle, which enables easy access to clubs and pockets.

Color Choices


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