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Trojan Motive T875 AGM Batteries Battery Lead Acid


New Battery Option Eliminates Adding Water

One of Yamaha's two great electric golf car battery options is the easy to maintain Motive T875-AGM lead-acid battery. With the Absobent Glass Mat battery option, you will still have efficient, reliable power in all of your cars...with the convenience of never needing to top up the water in any of your batteries.

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Trojan T875 Batteries

Worry-Free through the Life of the Lease

  • Protected by a "Life of the Lease" warranty
  • Easy to maintain, no need to water
  • Shorter charging time than standard FLA batteries
  • Manufactured from 98% recyclable materials

Our new Motive T875-AGM battery option provides power and reliability unlike anything else in the industry.  Built with a sealed design, AGM lead-acid batteries are convenient and reliable.  Plus, they are easy to maintain—absolutely no watering is required—so you can stay focused on what matters.

AGM batteries do not lose water during use, due to their sealed design and catalytic cap that recombines the hydrogen with oxygen to make water, which trickles back down into the cell and never gets lost. No more battery maintenance – you don't have to do anything except replace them when they wear out. 

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AGM batteries are a good option to be used in golf cars. These advantages include:

  • An AGM battery is capable of fast charging, when paired with the proper charger and controller
  • AGM batteries are spill-proof thanks to acid encapsulation
  • AGM batteries are resistant to vibrations
  • They are less likely to have sulfate build up
  • AGMs work well in cold temperatures

All Yamaha carts that come with AGM batteries are already fully set up with the necessary equipment needed.

However, if you decide to make the switch to AGM batteries, please keep in mind that you may require a different charging system than the one that came with your golf cart.


Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are a great option for electric golf cars because they remove the chore of having to refill your batteries with water. Are AGM batteries a good choice for your next new golf car?

Sealed AGM batteries wick the battery electrolytes between the battery plates. AGM technology is also referred to by the name “sealed lead acid” batteries and was originally designed for use in military aircraft and vehicles, for improved reliability and for decreased weight.

AGM batteries contain a thin mat of glass fibers woven together to increase the surface area, and a low internal resistance. They are able to deliver high currents to your cart's motor during periods of heavy use. The batteries offer great reliability, and are lighter in weight than the standard lead-acid battery.

AGM batteries have a lower self-discharge rate, so they can last in a stored cart for longer periods before it becomes essential to recharge. They also have the capability to work well in low temperatures. AGM batteries are capable of much faster charging, and are less likely to have sulfation build-up.

A golf car with AGM batteries must be equipped with a matching voltage regulated charger, as they are sensitive to overcharging. Before putting AGM batteries into your current or older Yamaha electric golf car, ensure that you are using a matching voltage regulated charging system.

You will love having AGM batteries in your new Yamaha golf car. No more trying to remember to top off the water in your lead acid batteries on a monthly basis...just jump in and enjoy!

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