Power Assist E-Bikes

Power Assist E-Bikes





Discover all the excitement, adventure and benefits bicycling offers with a new-found level of confidence provided by the pioneer of power assist, Yamaha.

Riding Hills with Ease

Don't worry about that hill you're facing, embrace it with power assist from Yamaha. Simply choose the assist level that matches your desired effort and enjoy the climb. Hills have never been this much fun to conquer.

Fitness Without Exhaustion

Discover the enjoyment of fitness without exhaustion on a Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle. With power assist, you're in control of how intense you want the ride to be. Every ride is a customized workout based on what you want and how you feel.

Power to Ride Further

It's a well-known fact that bicycling is fun! Now, imagine being able to ride further and smile longer. That's a nice summary of what it's like to ride a Yamaha Power Assist Bicycle. To truly understand, you need to experience it for yourself!

Design Philosophy

Bringing Rider and Machine Together as One

“Bringing rider and machine together as one” for an unprecedented riding experience is the guiding philosophy at Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles. As a pioneer in the design of power assist bicycles, Yamaha's experience and drive for constant improvement brings you a line of quality eBikes with assist that feels natural, smooth and powerful.

Smooth and Powerful

Yamaha Triple Sensor System

The key to Yamaha's smooth and powerful assist is our "triple sensor system." The three sensors are:

  1. Torque sensor that detects pedaling power,
  2. Speed sensor that detects the bicycle's speed, and
  3. Crank sensor that detects the number of rotations through pedaling.

The sensors instantly detect the running conditions and the movement of the rider with precision, delivering our renowned smooth and powerful assist.

Integrated Speed Sensor

Exclusive to Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles, is our speed sensor which is engineered into the rear hub. The integrated speed sensor detects the bicycle's rolling speed with extreme sensitivity to account for the smallest changes to your riding conditions.

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  1. Yamaha Wabash RT E-Bike
    Yamaha Wabash RT E-Bike

    Power Assist Electric Gravel Bike

    The world might not revolve around us, but it can revolve under us.


  2. Yamaha Cross Core RC
    Yamaha Cross Core RC

    Power Assist Electric Casual Pavement Adventure Bike

    Powerful support and natural, organic assist feel

    MSRP $3,099

  3. Adjustable Kick Stand
    Adjustable Kick Stand

    Fits UrbanRush / Cross Connect / Cross Core / Wabash


  4. Front Fender Kit
    Front Fender Kit

    Fit UrbanRush / CrossCore / Wabash


  5. Rear Fender Kit - No Rack
    Rear Fender Kit - No Rack

    UrbanRush / Cross Connect / Cross Core / Wabash


  6. Rear Fender & Rack Kit with Light
    Rear Fender & Rack Kit with Light

    Fits UrbanRush / CrossConnect / CrossCore / Wabash


  7. Brand NEW 2020 Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro
    Brand NEW 2020 Yamaha YDX-Moro Pro

    Power Assist Electric Mountain Bike

    Suspension optimized to spread grip between front and rear for greater traction on the trail

    IN STOCK Brand New

    Size LARGE $6,499


Items 1-9 of 16

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